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How We Work

How We Work

Our reasons for becoming financial professionals are deeply personal. We’ve seen many people struggle to find financial help. We are confident with our understanding of personal finance, coupled with our training as financial professionals, we can help people better prepare for the future. After years in the business, we have educated individuals in an easy-to-understand manner so they can pursue their financial objectives. We feel a commitment to our community.

Our team approach adds perspective to all we do and provides increased benefits to our clients.

Meet Our Team

Joe Pagano


(805) 495-0998

Joe takes pride in coaching his clients, helping them identify their financial objectives. He has helped women, especially those recently widowed, divorced, or single, understand their needs...

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Joey Pagano

(805) 495-0858

Joey Pagano has been an Investment Advisor with Pagano Financial Group since 2006. His focus is constructing optimal investment portfolios tailored to each client’s risk, in order to achieve their financial goals. Joey currently...

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Donna Pagano

Registered Director of Client Services

(805) 497-7048

(805) 495-0998